My 101 Things in 1001 Days

Start date: Jan 1 2017

End: September 29th 2019


Not Started

In Progress



1.    Graduate with my Master’s Degree with honors

2.    Get in a serious adult relationship

3.    Move to a different state.

4.    Get a great job doing what I love


5.    Have Koko a part of an activity

6.    Teach Koko how to read

7.    Teach Koko how to spell and write her name

8.    Get a pet for Koko

9.    Potty train Koko

10.Write Koko a letter to write on her 18th birthday

         Helping Others

11.Get actively involved in a social movement

12.Donate to charity every month for a year  


13.Visit another country.

14.Go to Music Festival

15.Take Khloe to Disney Land/World

16. Visit Peachtree City, GA and see sorority’s headquarters

17. Go on a cruise

18.Go to an aquarium

           Things to Purchase

19.My first brand new car

20.A passport

21.A good DSLR camera

22. Get an iPad (share with Koko)

23. A designer purse

24. A rain jacket

25.Hunter rain boots

26.Real Ugg boots

27. Jewelry for a real jewelry store

28. A new bathing suit

          Family/Loved Ones

29. Have a spa day with my girls

30. Get professional photos done of Khloe and I

31. Be a bridesmaid

32. Throw a baby shower

33.Give 5 “just because” gifts

34.Treat my family (mom, sister, and Khloe) to dinner

35.Treat my best friend to a fancy dinner

        Be Creative

36.Take a cooking class based on other nationalities cuisine

37.Keep fresh flowers on the dining room table for two weeks (without them dying)

38.Pick up knitting or crocheting again

39.Send out Christmas cards from Koko and I

40.Bake a cake from scratch

41.Make ten D.I.Y projects from Pinterest

42.Grow a plant and keep it alive for a month

43.Make a first aid kit for the house & car

44.Make an inspiration board

45.Complete Koko’s baby book

46.Write myself a letter to open when I turn 35

47. Take a calligraphy class

48.Make ten recipes off Pinterest with Khloe

49. Get Koko her own room and decorate it with her




50.Get hooked on a non-American tv show

51.Read ten new nonacademic books

The Sun and Her Flowers (October 2017) 

52.Go camping

53.Go on a picnic

54.Host a dinner party

55.Host a game night

56.Host a movie night


57.Meal plan for a month (June 2017)

58.Get a membership to a yoga studio

59.Try Barre for 5 classes to see if I like it (I didn't)

60.Drink 8 glasses of water a day for at least one week

61.Go on a hike

62.Get a deep tissue massage

63.Visit the dermatologist

64.Visit a chiropractor

65.Maintain my workout routine for six months

66.Mediate every day for a month straight

67.Spend a week without using my cell phone (other than for Koko needs)


68.Get a facial

69.Get a bikini wax

70.Try laser hair removal

71. Understand all things makeup

72.Actually do my hair for an entire week (no mom buns)

73.Go an entire week without leggings or yoga pants

74.Dye my hair a crazy color (at least for a week)

75.Go two months without using heat on my hair (Jan - March 2017)


76.Learn how to do my own taxes

77.Save $5,000

78.Start a savings account for Khloe

79.Pay for a stranger’s meal

80. No fast food for one month and save the money I would have used


81.Plan something big for my birthday

82.Carve a Halloween pumpkin

83.Host Friendsgiving

84.Get and decorate a Christmas tree


85.Have avid followers that aren’t friends and family

86.Get blog sponsors

87.Attend a blogging conference

88.Have a promotion


90.Create a calligraphy shop


91.Go skinny dipping

92.Try skiing or snowboarding

93.Go boating

94.Get a tattoo

95.Create an official will

96.Become completely independent from my parents

97.Learn to change a tire

98.Learn how to jump a car

99. Learn basic sign language or Spanish

100.  Live one weekday without planning a single thing

101.  Put $10 dollars into savings for every goal accomplished.