Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you from? 

This was always a loaded question as I have a single military mother but I call  Washington D.C, Maryland and New Orleans home. At my core I am a city girl. 

I live for busy streets, loud noises and air pollution. 

What college did you attend? 

What do you want to do with your degrees?

I graduated from Salisbury University in Maryland in May 2015 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology (while pregnant with Koko). 

This was not my first choice school as I transferred from Frostburg State in 2012. 

As you all know, I am in the process of attaining my Masters in Social Work with the hopes of being a school social worker (which is different then a guidance counselor). 

What's the status of you and Koko's dad?

We are happy. That's all that matters. 

How do you balance it all?

 I am very organized and have become more vocal about when I need help which both allow me to be my best self. I always remind myself that all my hard work is for something even if I don't see it immediately.  

Why did you chose a 'white' sorority and not a 'black' one?

I've always been the "white sheep" in a black family so it just made sense to me. I feel that if I would have joined any other organization I would be putting myself in the same situation that I am in with being the oddball in my family. 

What's your favorite coffeeshop? 

When I was in high school Starbucks would be the only answer. Since I am an adult now and have to pay to feed my addiction I prefer Dunkin' Donuts for my regular fix. However, when I have some money and want to be fancy I still find myself at Starbucks

What camera do you use for your pictures?

Currently, I use my iPhone 6s but I am saving for a DSLR. 



Why did you decide to start a blog?

At first, it was just a way to keep my family and friends in the loop about my life as I'm too busy to update everyone. I also love writing and needed a form of writing that wasn't for school work. 

However, my complete transparency led me to helping so many people in my shoes so now I blog to let others know they are not alone. 

How do you handle everyone knowing about your life? 

I honestly have always been open so it's not hard for me (most of the time). 

learned this from my mother because she is just a 'tell it like it is' person which I have always admired about her. 

Also during my pregnancy, I was under the strongest microscope at school which was a struggle for me because I wasn't actively choosing for everyone to be in my life. 

Because of that, I now like to get ahead of everything by being an open book so there is less chance of others shaming me by "exposing my secrets".