Friday Faves IV

Friday Faves IV

MacBook Talk to Text

 Graduate school means less exams and more papers.

In the last week, I've written a 13 page and a 15 page paper so I'm kinda dying. 

Random fact: ever since I've had Khloe I have to write my drafts by hand then type it.

Typing all of these papers were driving me insane and at 2am one day, I had the great idea of seeing if my computer has talk to text like my phone does. 

The answer was YES.

It took me one hour to type a 15 page paper when it would have taken 5 hours to do it by hand.

Let's just say my life is forever changed!






ELD Soul

I am a certified creeper. It has it's good and bad moments but this one was good. Forever ago, I started following an alumni of my university's blog and fell in love with how open she was about her sexual history.

Last week (or before, I can't keep my life straight anymore), I saw on Instagram that she was on campus speaking but I missed it. Later, I messaged her about something and she is just an ray of sunshine.

I honestly wish we would have known each other while we were in school.

 I've spent most of my study breaks this week, reading everything on her blog!!

I think that everyone should check it out. 

Nail Polish  

For the longest time, painting my nails was the only thing my mother allowed me to do, pre makeup and hair dying, so it tends to be my go to for when I need a change.

Since I had some free time the other day, I decided to do something for myself and paint my nails.

I will say just having polish on my nails makes me feel like my life is together.






Koko Surprise Pictures

Now everyone knows I live for pictures of my Koko and when her grandmother sent me pictures from a photoshoot, I knew nothing about, I was beyond excited.

It made me even happier because due to my depression I had to cancel her 1 year old photoshoot so it was great that I could have the completed set of trimonthly pictures for her baby book. 

I love these pictures so much that picking a new wallpaper for my cell phone has been the ultimate struggle. 






This should be the best friend of everyone who is on a budget. I have used it since Koko was a baby to feed my Carters addiction but yesterday it helped me get our Christmas trip tickets for a $200 discount!!!

After this happened, there was nothing that could go wrong with my day because I paid for a week long trip with the hugest discount!


October 29, 2016

October 29, 2016

Black Hole

Black Hole