Noteworthy November
In November, I decided to make a change and decrease my social media usage. I needed to focus on a huge life change as well as completing my first semester of grad school and applying to a new school from next year. I'm back now though within limits because I need to make sure that am prioritizing whats really important.  

Here's how November went for me

2nd: We got a new addition to our Phi Mu family line and I am officially a GGG, which means I'm old. I love my family line, we love and support each other no matter what so I can't wait to see how our new addition fits in.  

3rd: Koko and I went to vote. I think that it is important for Koko to understand what is happening in the world (yes, I know that now she only cares about toys and food but still) and I want to start as early as possible. Regardless of the results, it was important that there was a woman running for president just like it was important that we had a black president. These are all things that will later effect her life so I want to do my best to keep her aware. 



Also on this day, I had my first experience bringing Koko to class because I couldn't find anyone to watch her for two hours and I can't miss any class.

Let's just say that food is a gift from above. At one point, she become crazy after sitting down for an hour so I let her take a break by running down the hallway.

I must say that my little girl did good for sitting through a 2 hour class without being too disruptive. 



9th:Had the worst fever and slept for 12 hours straight. Afterwards, I did an online quiz and wrote a paper with a fan on my face because I was overheated. 


12th: Diagnosed with pneumonia and pelvic inflammatory disease which I had for a week already. 


15th: Feeling amazing again. Decided that I want to have natural hair again!

18th: Fully released post about Bipolar II disorder with positive feedback

21st: Did homework while stressed out, eating a hamburger and drinking wine because grad school is hard.

23rd: Slept for 17 hours straight! 


24th: Thanksgiving

worked from 8am- noon in Salisbury, drove 3 hours to go home for dinner at my aunts, then back on the road to go back to work from midnight till 8am!

I hadn't slept for 30 hours. 


Mentally planned my future wedding in order to avoid my responsibilities

Hint: I shall wear a sunflower crown

  • Found out that I've lost 10 pounds this month and was put on a strict medication and sleep plan for my disorder
  • Had friendsgiving with my little



29th: Worked a 14 hour shift (which included an overnight)

Now off to finish my final papers and exams. 

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

October 29, 2016

October 29, 2016