Friday Faves V

Friday Faves V

Rather than do my normal Faves, I've decided to try something new. I have been stalking Ariana on social media since we met at Frostburg years ago. She is so carefree which I envy along with her fashion sense. I will admit I have some past screenshots of her outfits when I go shopping for Koko and I.

I hope you guys love these recent style pieces as much as I do. Ariana was kind enough to give us all details on these amazing outfits.  



This look was so fun to wear and absolutely hilarious to walk around with. I actually made the tutu and the headpiece. I wanted to be something cute and clever for Halloween and was fresh out of ideas. I can’t even remember exactly how I came across the picture of Will Smith from a Fresh Prince episode in this costume but when I did (even though it was two days before Halloween weekend), I knew I had to be this hilarious sunflower. I have an absolute obsession with sunflowers and I thought this costume represented me in so many ways! I literally sped to Michael’s to buy materials to make the outfit and voila! I was a sunflower and it actually ended up being my favorite Halloween costume of all time. I actually walked around Fells Point that Saturday night with this costume and got the funniest compliments.




This outfit was created kind of on a whim. I’m that weird person that feels like I have to look nice while I’m shopping for more clothes lol. I was going to Towson that day and I felt like looking nice. My green skirt is a soft cotton material and is so comfortable to wear. It’s an olive green color and I’m obsessed with that shade but usually have a hard time pairing it with tops. I finally dug that skirt out to wear and I paired it with a simple black top I got from Pac Sun. 

For my hair, I am all about curly-ness during the summer so I threw an old wash and go into a puff (which happens to be one of go-to hairstyles). I liked the look but I had seen a girl on IG (MandaJessPanda) who tied a scarf around her puff and I adored the look. I thought I would give it a try and I actually really liked the way it came out.




I wore this look for a formal dinner on a cruise in Europe with my parents! This outfit was so much fun to put together. I am a fan of fancy skirts that flare out and when I found this one at Banana Republic (I believe) and had to have it. I think I got the top from Forever 21 and I bought it specifically to wear with the skirt because of the way it is cropped. I paired this outfit with super simple one-strap black heels and they went perfectly with the look. I got so many compliments on this look that evening.

My hair was a bit challenging with this cruise. It started out straight but a week into the two week cruise it was a puffy mess. My hair does not like humidity and the Mediterranean had plenty of it. I washed my hair that evening and was going to wear it in a simple puff but I decided instead to twist the front and put the rest up and it turned out really cute! I think it went perfectly with my outfit as well because it looked a little more dressy.



I look at this picture and all I see is blonde hair lol. All my looks when I had blonde hair started first with me thinking about what colors wouldn’t clash with this bright hair! I had never done a color this bright, it’s safe to say that it was WAY out of my comfort zone. I loved the color nonetheless but just felt like I had to find outfits that complimented the funkiness of the color.

Dresses are my favorite item of clothing, hands down. I got this maroon, off the should dress from and fell in love with it for its simplicity. I’m all about clothing pieces that you can dress up or down. This day I was going to brunch with my family and decided to throw the hat on because my hair was ridiculously curly that day (may have over curled a bit) and it just went so well with the look. 





This outfit was kind of inspired by the red pants that I’m wearing and everything else fell in place around it. The pants are high waist-ish and they tie at the top so when I bought them I invisoned wearing them with a crop top. I am not sure if I bought this top after or if I had already had it but I thought the olive and burnt red color went together so well and it was the perfect length. Accessories for me are always so last minute. I literally threw the hat on for the picture and loved it so much I kept it on throughout the night. I loved the way this outfit came out and I loved that I decided to wear my septum piercing out. I normally leave it flipped up hiding in my nose, sounds gross I know lol.





If I could choose one look that describes my personality, it would be this one. This top is one of my favorite buys ever and I found it somewhere I didn’t expect to find something like this. At JCPenney’s. Weird lol. Anyways, this look calls to my inner hippie so it was only right to pair it with this lace black headband. You can’t see it well in this picture but I paired this top with a simple black pair of jeggings. I was going to a bar that night, I think it was December and I wanted to be warm but cute at the same time.

My hair went with this outfit so well. I was going for beachy waves and it was my first time using a curling wand and I love how they came out. I started out grabbing random pieces of hair to curl so that it would look natural rather than having super uniformed curls. 

All my looks are inspired by the way I’m feeling that day. I love fashion and my hairstyles play a big role in what I decide to wear believe it or not!

Hope you guys love her style as much as I do. Also doesn't she seem like your future best friend because she the bees knees!

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