Friday Faves III

Friday Faves III

Car Tunes

Before I started Graduate School, I was rarely in my car so I just listened to the same music on my phone or the radio. I lived in DC so the radio was an ACTUAL choice. Here in Salisbury, it's really not. Since I am driving 40 minutes to and from my internship twice a week I feel like I live in my car. I refused to listen to crappy music so I made time to download some stuff. 

Here are my two current car faves:

  • The Lakes by Rhodes (for my emotional times) 
  • Side To Side by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee

Yesterday I was struggling through the day aka my entire life so coffee was a must. I had a 6am start and was on my way to my 5pm class so I stopped at a local coffee shop. While there I ran into one of my sorority sisters who works there. Since my brain was fried, I needed her to pick coffee for me. Her an her coworker suggested an iced Cinnamon Toast Crunch coffee and I thought "Why not?" 

OMG I loved every second of drinking it. 

Academic Commons

My school started building a new library my last semester of my undergraduate career. Since I am a total nerd I was upset that I couldn't use it. I didn't know that future me would come back as a student the same semester it opened. I have been living in this cool new building since my life is schoolwork and driving. There is even a graduate commons only for grad students since we are stress balls all the time. 

New Wallpapers

Since my life is the way it is I need positivity at all times which typically takes place in the form of my phone and computer wallpapers which I like to change biweekly.


Plus my recent favorite picture of Koko from her great-grandparents who keep her during the week since both of her parents are full-time college students. 

Hope you all enjoyed my current faves. Now back to studying I go!


Parenting while Young (Guest)

Parenting while Young (Guest)

Oh Dear Lord

Oh Dear Lord